Mr. Punzalan

Online networking acquires an enormous effect our lives. In any case, each of us must be watchful of the stuffs we post or say online that can convey peril or mischief to us or to other individuals. On account of Mr. Punzalan, he got a little issue with respect to what was presented online due on wrong data that was spread over to the netizens. Columnist shared the data they assembled, not knowing whether it is extremely valid. Before posting something on the web, we should ensure that it is valid, substantial and yu can demonstrate what you have said.


Jollibee’s short advertisment “Vow” demonstrates diverse kind of codes. The technical, written and symbolic. It demonstrates distinctive edges and shots, the entire idea recounts a story underneath Jollibee’s fastfood chain and it utilizes a particular dialect style and content design with it’s own trademark.


Mom used to cook rice in palayok(clay pot). It was a good cooking vessel. I had rarely eaten rice that was too dry, too wet or burnt. She was also using it to cook other dishes especially the slow cooked sinaing na tulingan. However, the clay pot posses one great disadvantage,  fragility. It was extremely sensitive to drop and other slight forces. A drop from one inch height is enough to cause breakage. The risk of wasting food is high.

The electric rice cooker. It is a device invented for the sole purpose of cooking rice.Using one is the lazy way to cook rice, the convenient way rather. It also involves washing and measurements but removes further user intervention. Less mistakes provided that measurements are more or less accurate. 

News: Reaction

“16 anyos na motorcycle rider, patay matapos sumalpok at magulungan ang ulo ng oil tanker truck.”
Honestly, I feel bad for Mang Teddy; the driver of the oil tanker truck. Because as you can see its completely not his fault. He’s just working. He worked hard til dawn for his family and there’s this guy, who turned Mang Teddy’s life into upside down due to someone being irresponsible — to ride his motorcycle drunk and without any license nor helmet, a 16 years of age. Condolences to the family of the dead but Mang Teddy doesn’t deserved to be in jail.